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How To Object To Planning Permission 
Need to stop that planning application but don’t know how? Feeling panicked and stressed by all the legal jargon you don’t have time to wrap your head around? That’s where we come in, ready and waiting to help you through the process and make your objections heard. Day or night, we are here to guide you. 

How To Write An Objection To A Planning Application

Building an Objection Case 

The first thing you need to do is actually build the case for your objection. You need to have a development plan on hand so that you can reference it regularly in your objection. When making your objections, they will be material considerations that will form a solid foundation for your concerns about the planned construction when your written complaint is quoted. 


All quotes must not only relate to the application in question, but must also be written in a manner that is both reasonable and fair. Any incorrect information can undermine your objection, just as any personal reasons can do the same. SImilarly, libellous information will only harm your chances of having the objection approved. 


What to Include 

Here are some of the objections that you should include, each of which is commonly found in planning objection letters: 

  • The building in question is in a conservation area 

  • The amenity value, that is the impact on the aesthetics and cultural aspects of the area

  • Traffic and noise pollution 




Writing the Objection Letter 

The formatting is very important, and you will want to pay attention to this in order to keep a professional feel to your objection. Include the application number and the address of the site in question at the top of your letter, alongside your own name and address. Without this, the letter will not be considered valid. Remember that your comments will also be made publicly available. Objection letters should be kept, as concise as possible.


Top Tips to Remember

Here are some of the top things you need to remember if you want your planning objection letter to be as successful as possible:

  • Ensure your reasons for objection are clear, sound, and supported by strong and sensible arguments

  • Quote the relevant national planning policies for your country. They are different for England, Wales, Scotland, and NI

  • Identify any local and neighbourhood plan policies that are applicable to your case, especially those that refer to wildlife and woodland

  • Make the rest of the community aware of your thoughts and concerns, rally the neighbours to send in their own objections


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How To Object To A Planning Application

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