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Meeting the requirements of the local planners will be the success of your planning application.

If you are not familiar with your local planner's terminology or requirements producing a planning application may become cumbersome and time-consuming.


We take care of all of the discussions with your local council, and manage the application process up to the point where a decision is made. We make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.


Using the knowledge of experts will save you time and work out cheaper, significantly increasing the opportunity of a successful application.

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Thank you for your enquiry regarding a dropped kerb. As you will be aware we have a great deal of expertise in this area. Please find below your fee quote for undertaking this work.
In terms of the scope of the work during this stage we will provide the following:
• Prepare and complete application form and certificates.
• Prepare dropped kerb planning statement.
• Submit planning application, drawings, existing and proposed site layout plan illustrating dropped kerb as well as proposed parking area - for the purposes of planning, and supporting documents , and ensure that the application is validated.
• Monitor progress of planning application, and respond promptly to any issues that are raised by any statutory consultees or third parties;
• Provide comments on any draft conditions; and
• Submit all documentation within the relevant timescales.
 £650. plus vat
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