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Washing Machine Repair

Appliance repairs can be complicated matters. When it comes to caring for your washing machine, it pays to know the basics. Here, we can outline some of those basics for you.

Causes of damage

Washing machines are delicate machines. Improper operation or mounting, corrosion and electrical damage are just some of the ways a washing machine can become damaged. Physical impact and computation damage should also be taken into account as factors which can affect a washing machine. The effects of these types of damage vary; they can disrupt your appliance’s functions, breaking the computers inside them which calculate when to control water flow, drum rotation, and so on. The damage could be more noticeable, such as a faulty door lock or a leak causing further water damage. In any case, your dishwasher no longer works correctly.

Damage types

The damage that a dishwasher can suffer varies, from electrical issues that stop proper function to physical damage disrupting safe operation of the machine. Despite being relatively “low tech”, washing machines actually have a lot of complicated parts, such as microprocessors, agitators and various valves. All of these parts are susceptible to damage.

Improper operation refers to when a user doesn’t allow the machine to work properly. In instances where this results in damage, it is usually because the user put something inappropriate in the machine, such as a heavy object, or has overloaded the machine.

Improper mounting refers to when your washing machine is installed in your home badly. Usually this means it was connected incorrectly, or the job wasn’t completed. Whatever the reason, an improper mounting usually isn’t the direct cause of damage, but leads to essential systems not activating, causing damage to the machine while it is working. This can have any number of knock on effects, ranging across the machine’s systems.

Corrosion is the effect of rust or acid eating away and destroying metal in the machine, threatening its internal stability. This is a type of physical damage, and is a serious threat to any machine. However, all machines rust over time; an owner should be responsible and take steps to prevent rust and acid damage occurring in their machines.


Electrical damage is the result of the electrical flow within the system becoming disrupted – usually due to an electrical surge or damaged wiring. Common problems with electrical damage lead to appliances being unable to turn on, or being unable to activate certain functions. A washing machine might fail to add hot water to a wash, or not drain after washing. If it has a digital display, it may not work correctly or display at all.