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How Stop A Planning Permission and Applications


Stop that planning application! We hear you, and we know how hard it is to deal with neighbours that don’t see your neighbourhood the same way you do. There’s so much to do, legal jargon to try and understand, a detailed letter that can feel overwhelming. We have A with a team of professionals that have decades of experience. Let’s tackle your planning objections together. 


Evidence and Development Plans 

You will need a development plan that can be referred to at all times, and this is because each point you make will need to be explained and backed up with relevant policy references. You will need to point out where the proposed planning opposes any local restrictions or causes changes to your home, such as the sun being blocked from your gaden. Just make sure you do not make it personal as this will only harm your case. 


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Neighbourhood Rally

While planning objections are not about popularity and who has the most votes, it does help to be backed up by other locals who share your concerns. Every account must be carefully considered, ad high levels of opposition are more likely to lead to a planning application to be challenged by the local planning authority. 


Just make sure you do not start a petition as these have no weight or authority with regards to the decision process. They are a waste of time, and the planning authorities will not even glance at them, let alone use them in their considerations. 


If the planning decision goes to planning committee, this could be useful as they tend to be more sensitive to local development concerns. Speak with your neighbours, rally them together, and get them to write into the planning authorities with their concerns - just make sure they keep it professional and don’t make it personal. 


Meet the Deadline

Organisation is key here, ad not just in the sense that your objection needs to be laid out well and carefully considered. You must also make sure it is received before the deadline to ensure that it is considered by your local planning authority (late objections are generally still considered). The same goes for any neighbours who are also sending in objection letters.  


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How to stop a planning permission

You are able to submit a planning objection letter, and it will be considered by your local planning department. Anyone who feels as though they might be impacted by the application has the right to send in an objection letter. 

The majority of planning decisions are made by the planning officers of your local planning authority, and roughly 10% of decisions are made by a planning committee. Anyone is welcome to attend committee meetings, and it is also possible to organise 3-minute slots in order to give your opinion. Usually, these need to be arranged via email if you wish to speak. 

You will find that committee meetings tend to be very strict with regard to individual statements, and you are likely to be stopped if you go over your time slot. Therefore, taking the time to practice so that you make the most of your time is recommended. 

Furthermore, only material reasons for objecting will ever be considered. Any comments that speak of the loss of property value, or view, or that are personal will be disregarded. You also have 21 days to support or object to the application from the date on the site notice, and councils will tend to accept objection letters up until the date of the decision. 

When does a planning decision go to a committee?
If an application is considered controversial, or if you lobby a local councillor, they may call in the application for the committee. The planning department will make their recommendations, and these are then considered by the committee. Following this, the committee will make their decision based solely on the planning policy. This can lead to a refusal, the planning being granted, or a deferral to a later date. It is common for decisions to be granted under certain conditions. 

How many objection letters are needed before a planning application is decided by committee?
The number of objection letters required tends to vary from one local planning authority to the other. Generally speaking, between 6 and 10 are needed and then the planning officer with delegated powers in the local authority will make the decision. 

Can I appeal a planning decision made by committee or planning officer?
You cannot appeal a decision, also known as a third-party right to appeal, if planning permission is granted. However, if you feel that permission was granted in an unlawful manner and that the required procedures were not followed, you can challenge the decision in court as a third party. 

However, as this route can be very costly, it is important that you take professional legal advice before you proceed. This is something that we can help you with if you get in touch. 
you cannot appeal a decision (known as a third party right to appeal) if permission is granted.

If you’re just seeking some friendly advice, we are here for all of your needs and questions. All of our advice is free, so what’s stopping you from picking up the phone?


How To Stop Planning Applications

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Frequently Asked Questions

Time I have to object to a planning application?.
In most cases this will be 21 days. However, this can sometimes be extended although you would need a good reason.

Is illness a good objection reason?.
Sorry illness would not be taken into consideration as a reason for refusing an application.
Planning decisions also take into account future residents of the said property/development therefore illness is not taken into account.
If developments are allowed, can I appeal?
There is no option for third party right of appeal.
If you feel your planning department or committee have made an error in planning policy or not followed correct protocol.
A planning decision may be contested in court.This can be very costly process and an error in planning policy or procedure needs to have taken place.

What cannot be considered in an objection letter.
Property value.
Personal matters.
Disputes or covenants.
Reduced profits for developers.
Loss of business to a competitor.
Loss of view, However you can object on loss of outlook.
Building regs.

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