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How To Help Get a Planning Proposal Refused

Problem neighbors trying to ruin the aesthetic of your home or town. Trying to block the sun in your garden? Say no more and get ahead of the curve with our incredible team of experts - here to help you win your battle by providing effective objection letters. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your neighborhood back and the crackdown on poor planning applications.

Planning Permission Objections Neighbours

Documentation is Key

You need to have the correct documentation at all times. This is because it is used as a reference in your planning objection case, and you will need it to back up the points you make. You must ensure that everything has been laid out clearly so that the planning authority can read through each complaint you have. Each point that you make must be backed up with evidence, so reference them carefully when writing. 

You will also want to ensure that you make a clear differentiation between the adopted plan and the emerging plan. This is because the former of the two is the one that will be regarded the most seriously, even if the emerging plan is beneficial at an advanced stage. 

Keep it Professional

There should be no personal opinions in your letter, and everything should strictly be related to the planning policies of the planning application as well as why you feel it should not be allowed from a professional standpoint. Personal opinions will often void an objection letter, and libelous claims will only harm your attempts to get the process stopped.  

Get the Neighbours Together 

Get the locals together and talk about the issues with the proposed planning and have them write in with their objections. You must make sure that they don’t let anything personal slide in and that they keep it professional. After all, the more people who write in the better.

Clearly, each objection letter must carry its own merit. Duplication of objection letters is not a good idea.

Local planning committees are the best to target for this, and you will have a higher chance of success with this. The reason is that they are more sympathetic to local concerns, often living in the community themselves or having strong ties to the location. While they are not biased, they are more likely to follow the rules. 

Stick to the Deadline

Late submissions should still be considered. Help your local planning officer by getting your objection letter in on time. So make sure that your objection letter reaches the appropriate authorities before the deadline. You must also ensure that any neighbors who are sending objections in do the same as this will give your objection more clout. 

How We Can Help 

Our advice is free, offering you support and peace of mind when you need it the most. It doesn’t matter if you have questions or want to get started, we always have time to help you out. Crackdown on unsightly planning applications and problem structures with our professional team of experts. We always have your back. 

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Can neighbours object to planning applications? Yes

Once you have submitted your planning application, your local council will inform your neighbours as well as anyone else who might be impacted by the application. However, it is not uncommon for some locals to be missed, and this is why it is advised that you discuss your planned work with your neighbours before they are submitted - helping to avoid potential rejection letters. 

Neighbours are able to object an application, or support it, through email or post. Any material objections, such as the loss of light, amenity issues, overshadowing, overbearing, or parking and access are some of the most common complaints that are taken into consideration when determining the outcome of an application. 

If your planning permission is approved and the development encroaches onto a neighbour's land, it is advisable that you get permission in the form of an agreement with said neighbour or get advice from a solicitor that specialises in planning. 

Can I oppose permitted development?
If there is a permitted development, they do not usually require planning permission. However, there are some areas in which a permitted development can be removed and so you should always check the council planning portal first. However, the neighbours are not usually able to object to a permitted development. 

Building on boundaries
If you are building on the boundary or a shared wall, you should always get permission from your neighbour first. The local council will not get involved in any civil matters regarding boundary walls and lines, so ensure you check the deeds to your property before you begin. The land registry provides an excellent service that may be able to help if you have trouble finding your deeds. 


Can my neighbours build without planning permission?
This really depends on the situation. If the development is what is known as a permitted development, then yes they can continue without planning permission. If a building development takes place that is not on a permitted development, the council may ask for you to file for retrospective planning. 

In the case that a retrospective planning application is refused, your local planning authority will encourage the applicant to amend their plans or give you the option to appeal the refusal. If you ignore the local planning authority, you may find that a planning enforcement notice is issued. Once this happens, you have a few options that can include appealing the enforcement notice or going down the expensive path of abiding by it. 

With regards to the planning refusals that occur with retrospective applications, working with the council to avoid an enforcement notice is the best route forward. This is further supported by the fact that the history of an enforcement notice often remains on the planning portal for the council and so might be seen when searches are made on your property.  

if an enforcement notice has been issued on your property, it is important that you take advice from the town and country planners. If you need help appealing this or writing an objection letter, make sure you get in touch as we can help you through the process. 

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